tshc 发表于 2003-10-11 11:30:14

A Sad Story

Lisa loved basketball,
friends and parties too,
and when it came to painting,
That's all she wanted to do.
She painted everything she saw,
birds, flowers, and the sky.
Some days she sat at her window
and painted everything that passed her by.
But lately she'd been feeling woozy,
her muscles ached a lot.
Then her parents got kind of worried,
So they took her to the doc.
The doctor took a few tests
to see if all was okay.
Then the nurse came out with a look of sadness,
And this is what she had to say;
"I'm sorry but you've got leukemia,"
"you've got about three months more."
Then Lisa got up and ran out of the room
and slammed the office door.

She ran down the street screaming
and cried her eyes out dry,
and stayed up all night long,
wondering what it's like to die.
Her parents held her tightly
And said, "We love you,"
"We'll make your last months the greatest,"
"we'll do anything for you."
So they all moved to Florida,
To live by the sea,
because Lisa loved the ocean,
that's where she wanted to be.
She spent her days painting
and horseback riding by the jetties,
But one day she met this fellow,
And his name was Teddy.

They collected shells together
And talked about many things.
And then one day while walking,
He handed her a ring.
He said "Lisa, dear, I love you,"
Which brought tears to Lisa's eyes
and when he put it on her finger,
she began to cry.
He asked her what's the matter, she said,
"I've got leukemia, with only a month more."
He said," No matter what, I love you,"
and you are the one I adore."

So they spent everyday together
And swam in the ocean all day,
But Lisa was getting weaker
And it was hard for her play.
Lisa painted her picture
And gave it to Teddy, She said,
"I want you to remember me,", always,
"Even when I am dead."

Then one day while they were walking
And searching for shells in the sand,
Lisa collapsed, loosing her breath
And said " Teddy, Please hold my hand."
"I love you more than anyone,
You are my only true love,
But my time is up now,
I'll watch over you from above,"
Then Lisa's body was lifeless,
as she lay in Teddy's arms.
He sat there all day long,
and kept her safe from any harm!

xzhforward 发表于 2003-10-26 06:59:23

i cry for day and night why she don,t love me
now i know what is ture love and life
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