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   someone has robbed the children in Baskerville of their Christmas toys. Can you find
the thief?
   It was Christmastime in Baskerville. As usual, the Baskerville Charity Center was
offering free soup, rools and coffee to people down on their luck.

  Thomas P.Stanwick volunteered to serve soup at the center the day before Christmas.
When he arrived, the center manager, Betty Davidson, rushed to him.

  "Oh, Tom,it's terrible!" she said angrily.

  "What's wrong, Betty?"

  "Why, someone's taken the sack of presents! You know, the big sack of Christmas toys
we collect for the children every year, Fifteen kg(33 pounds)of toys."

  "All right now,calm down," Stanwick said. "Where was the sack when you last saw it ?"

  "It was in the corner by the door," Davidson replied. "I saw it there two hours ago,
but now it's gone!"

  "And neither you nor any of the staff has moved it since?"

  "No, I've checked. None of us has touched it."

  Stanwich glanced around the room. About two dozen people were sitting at the long tables,
eating or playing cards. Several backpacks and other bundles lay along the walls of the room.

The suspects

  "Most of your customers are regulars," Stanwick noted. "You probably know everyone here.
Is there anyone who was here two hours ago but who isn't here now?"

  Davidson thought for a moment. "Only three," she said. "Jim Brennan, Ollie Hunter, and
Jerry McNutt left during that time."

  "Did they leave their bags or anything else behind?"

  "No. I've looked over the bags and bundles here, and I can account for them all.
Their owners are still here."

  "Jim Brennan," murmured Stanwick. "He has a bad back, doesn't he?"

  "Yes,A job injury.He could carry his five-kg(11-pound)knapsack,but not much else."

  "Do you particularly remenber seeing any of the three coming or going?"

  "I saw Hunter come in with an ordinary backpack.I didn't see him leave,through.
McNutt came in with a pack on his back and carrying two suitcases.I didn't see him
leave,either.I didn't see Brennan coming or going,but I saw him while he was here."

  "Hmmm." Stanwick lit his pipe and smoked thoughtfully for a few minutes.

Hard Luck

  "Betty," he said at last,"if i got the presents back for you ,would you agree not to
press charges?"

  Davidson looked astonished. "What do you mean, tom?"

  "You see, I think I know who the thief is," he said. "And I happen to know he's had
some hard luck this year. He`s never stolen anything beford, and he probably did it on
impulse this time. I`m sure i can vonvince him to return the presents."

  "All right, I won`tpress charges. But at least tell me who it is!"

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