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Studying Abroad

   As China is developing fast, and the
Chinese get much more touch with foreign
countries, many Chinese are looking forward
to going abroad. Now, studying abroad is
very popular. Most of the Chinese parents
love their children, especially their only
children. This love makes the parents try
their best to let their children receive
the best education. It is said that the
quality education abroad is better for
children. So many parents sent their
children abroad for study.
  In my opinion, studying abroad is good.
Firstly, if you go studying abroad, you can
increase your knowledge, and you’ll be
clever. Secondly, you can understand the
country you go. You’ll know more about
the culture, the custom and the strength
of its development. Thirdly, you can learn
a second language. Fourthly, you can travel
around the country, and visit the places
of interest, enjoying yourself.
  You’ll receive good high education abroad,
so I agree to go to study abroad when you
are old enough. In fact, the junior education
in our country is rather good for children,
though you have much pressure. I suggest
that you should go to school in China until
you graduate from high middle school, and
then go abroad to receive education of university.
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