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Mathematical Models of Human Memory: Tutorials
Simon Dennis
Peter Nobel
Peter Butterworth
Kerry Chalmers
Jill White
David Huber
David Diller
The mathematical memory models tutorial is an introduction to some of the major psychological models of memory that have a mathematical component. It includes descriptions, questions and form-based simulators covering:

Search of Associative Memory (SAM, Raaijmakers & Shiffrin, 1981; Gillund & Shiffrin, 1984)
Theory of Distributed Associative Memory (TODAM, Murdock, 1982)
Matrix model (Pike, 1984; Humphreys, Bain & Pike, 1989)
Tutorial: Peter Butterworth and Simon Dennis. Theory of Distributed Associative Memory : A Tutorial .
Tutorial: Kerry Chalmers and Simon Dennis. Search of Associative Memory : A Tutorial .
Tutorial: Jill White and Simon Dennis. The Matrix Model: A Tutorial .
Tutorial: Simon Dennis. The List Strength Effect: A Tutorial
Simulator: Peter Nobel and Simon Dennis. A SAM Simulator
Simulator: David Diller, David Huber, Peter Nobel and Simon Dennis. A MATRIX Model Simulator
Simulator: David Huber, Peter Nobel and Simon Dennis. A TODAM Simulator

Eich, J. M. (1982). A Composite Holographic Associative Recall Model. Psychological Review, 89(6), 627-661.
Gillund, G., & Shiffrin, R. M. (1984). A retrieval model for both recognition and recall. Psychologicall Review, 91(1),, 1-67.

Humphreys, M. S., Bain, J. D., & Pike, R. (1989). Different ways to cue a coherent memory system: A theory for episodic, semantic and procedural tasks. Psychological Review, 96(2), 208-233.

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Pike, R. (1984). Comparison of convolution and matrix distributed memory systems for associative recall and recognition. Psychological Review, 91(3), 281-293.

Raaijmakers, J. G. W., & Shiffrin, R. M. (1981). Search of Associative Memory. Psychological Review 88, 93-134.

Ratcliff, R., Clark, S. E., & Shiffrin, R. M. (1990). The list-strength effect: I. Data and discussion. Journal of Experiemtnal Psychology: Llearning, Memory and Cognition, 16, 163-178.

Shiffrin, R. M., Ratcliff, R., & Clark. S. E. (1990). The list-strength effect: II. Theoretical mechanisms. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition, 16, 179-195.

Peter Noble, David Huber and David Diller wrote the simualator code. Simon Dennis converted the code to provide the form interface.

Simon Dennis
23rd January, 1996

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